Issue 37

Customer Success Roundup: 7th October 2016

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Sandra Pender
Oct. 7th, 2016

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

"Receipts are the first support tickets. Customers may not have asked for help yet, but the relationship has begun."

- Nick Weaver, Eero CEO and Co-Founder

Eero's Nick Weaver and Dana Lindsay chat to First Round Review about the importance of making customer-centric hires right off the bat in the insightful article “The Case For Startups to Put CX at Their Core”.

Growth Consultant Lincoln Murphy champions the sharing of customer intel between Sales and Customer Success teams in “Orchestrating Sales and Customer Success Alignment”.

Alexandra Puchta, Head of Customer Success at Growbots, shares her thoughts on three questions that were raised while attending SaaStock in Dublin last month (and how Growbots plans to address these issues) in “Customer Success Managers, Are You Asking Yourselves these 3 Questions?”.

Two posts this week from Amity's great Customer Success blog — Loren Vittetoe outlines “Compensation Structures in Customer Success” and Mathilde Augustin talks to David Apple, Director of Customer Success at Typeform, about how CS has evolved at Typeform over the last few years.

Julia Chen of Appcues discusses churn and why it happens; providing some tips that product managers and marketers should heed to help improve customer retention in “The Importance of Customer Retention by the Numbers”.

Harry Stebbings inteviews John Gleeson, VP of Customer Success Affinio, on this week's SaaStr Podcast. Topics include "Sales vs Customer Success in large accounts" and "How Customer Success Managers can be truly productive". If you are planning on going to SaaStr annual, the Podcast includes a coupon code for 20% off.

Claire Suellentrop, Director of Marketing at Calendly, writes about how Katie Rogers and Salesloft are scaling their Customer Success department in the face of their 2000% year-over-year growth.

Dana Severson, Director of Marketing at, tells us why we should work to improve our NPS score but not get too hung up on the score itself in “Answering the Ultimate Question: What’s a Good NPS Score?”.

In a guest post on the Chargify blog, Ryan Law, CMO and Co-founder of Cobloom, discusses the main types of churn experienced by SaaS companies in “The 10 Reasons SaaS Customers Churn (and How to Combat Them)”.

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