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Issue 301

Customer Success Roundup for the 14th January 2022

Barry Devon
Jan. 14th, 2022

The Userpilot team list and expand upon — "7 Essential Customer Success KPIs to Track in SaaS".

On the Baremetrics blog, Timothy Ware investigates — "How to Identify Customers at Risk of Churn".

SaaStr's Jason Lemkin outlines — "30+ Tough Learnings from Losing a Top Customer".

CXO at Liquid, Yolanda Lau, shares on Forbes — "Tips For Scaling Customer Success".

On the User Adoption Podcast, Henrik de Gyor chats with The Customer Success Collective's Jan Young — "Interview with Jan Young".

The Customer Success Collective released the results of their recent research — "The State of Customer Retention 2022".

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