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Issue 171

Customer Success Roundup for the 17th May 2019

Barry Devon
May. 17th, 2019

Over on Chatbot News Daily, Megan Dennis outlines "6 Ways to Increase Customer Retention Through Chatbots".

Customer Experience expert Shep Hyken guides us in "How to Earn a Perfect Customer Satisfaction Score".

Heart of the Customer Founder Jim Tincher believes customer journey mapping should be focused on addressing something specific. He discusses in "Customer Journey Mapping: How to Identify the Right Problem or Opportunity to Map".

Adam Henshall, COO at Process Street, delves into a common Customer Success challenge in "What Is Churn Rate? How to Calculate Customer Churn".

Will Gillingham of IMRG lists and describes "18 Ways to Retain Customers in 2019".

Chameleon's Benjamin Brandall delivers a practical guide to segmentation in "7 SaaS User Segments, and How to Market to Them In-App".

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