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Oct. 28th, 2022

Alexey Smolyanyy, Director of Data Driven Customer Success at Redis investigates — "Data Driven Customer Success: Accounts Health and Prioritization".

Product Marketing Manager at RevOS.ai, Andrew Rymarenko shares his — "Top 5 Metrics to Predict Customer Churn".

On the Entrepreneur.com blog, Nick Chasinov, CEO at Teknicks, explains why — "More Data Doesn't Mean Better Insight. Drive Product Growth With A Metric That Guides You to Success.".

On the AllBusiness.com blog, Nick Mehta asks (and answers) — "Do Companies Need Customer Success Teams? 10 Reasons Why the Answer Is Yes".

VP, Analytics at Evalueserve, Swapnil Srivastava details — "Four Successful Retention Marketing Strategies To Leverage".

The Success League's Jan Young lists — "15 Must Read Books for CS Professionals".

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