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Jul. 22nd, 2022

uSERP CEO, Jeremy Moser, shares — "6 Customer Retention Strategies that Work [+Examples]".

Head of Customer Success at NetHunt CRM, Anastasia Tatsenko, provides some practical retention steps with — "Cut Churn with These 5 Smart Automated Processes (+ Templates & Triggers!)".

On the Forbes blog, Founder and Chief Culture Officer of Ideal Outcomes, Jason Richmond, asks [and answers] — "The Employee And Customer Experience: What Do They Have In Common?".

Managing Director at lowercase, Josh Krissansen, looks at —"Cross-selling and Upselling: What to Know Before Getting Started".

Aaron Dinin of Duke University digs into the mis-use of customer surveys in — "Survey Customers at Your Own Risk".

Zac Sprackett, Chief Product Officer at SugarCRM, shares his thoughts on the future of retention with — "Unlocking the Potential of AI to Increase Customer Retention".

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