Customer Success Software

Empower Your Team

Akita makes your customer success managers more efficient by giving them instant access to a customer's entire history--without opening a single app or making a single phone call.

Reduce Churn

Akita helps you identify your at-risk customers. If you can understand why someone is at risk of churn, you can stop it dead in its tracks.

Grow Lifetime Value

Stay informed of your customers' product usage, billing and customer service activities and use this information to nurture better relationships and increase revenue.

A True 360-degree Customer View.

Akita connects with the software applications your business uses every day to provide a 360-degree view of each of your customers. Our one-click integrations mean you are up and running in days—not months.

User Behavior Marketing Support Billing Email CRM User Behavior Marketing Support Billing Email CRM

Take Action When It Matters.

Akita measures the health of your accounts and gives you an actionable list of at-risk customers. Now you can focus on the right accounts at the right time.

Customizable Alerts

Powerful alerts keep you informed of important customer interactions.

Track the Metrics that Matter

Define the metrics that are important to your company and track their progress over time.

Our Chrome Extension Is a Powerful Addition to Gmail

Akita builds a complete customer history for each email so you don’t have to leave your inbox.

Akita integrates with the cloud-based software your business already uses—the leaders in accounting, customer relationship management, customer service, and marketing. Getting started only takes minutes and requires no IT involvement.

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