Customer Segmentation

Use your valuable data to better understand your Customers by building always-up-to-date targeted lists.

Powerful Filters

Filter your customers by any attribute within the platform

Akita Provides Incredible Granularity and Flexibility Including the Ability to Filter by Change in an Attribute Through Time.

Charts and Graphs

See how different segments stack up.

Every Metric that you track in Akita can be mapped to a segment, providing a visual indication of how a specific Segment of Accounts and Contacts is performing through time.

In-Segment Searching

Search within Segments to find specific Accounts and Contacts

Quickly find Accounts and Contacts you need by searching within existing Segments. Sometimes you just need to know—is my Account in this Segment?

Customizable Columns

Add and remove columns to better answer the questions you ask of your data

You can add hundreds of columns to a Segment. And not just numbers. Trends and Health Scores are easily marked giving you an at-a-glance understanding of each Account's status.

Pin to Dashboards

Add Account and Contact lists to Dashboards for easy access

Easily share and present your key Segments and their Metrics using Akita's Pin functionality. Combine lists and charts to build comprehensive, at-a-glance overviews.


Stay in the loop with when Accounts and Contacts are added to your Segments

Set up real-time notifications. When an Account or Contact is added to a Segment, you will receive an email so you can quickly act on the new information.


Build and share useful Segments with your team

Leverage the experience and insights of the entire Customer Success Team by making key Segments available to everyone.

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