Issue 314

Customer Success Roundup for the 14th April 2022

Akita Administrator
Apr. 14th, 2022

Akita’s Customer Success Roundup is a list of hand-picked resources from around the web brought to your inbox. We’ve enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too.

CX Consultant, Steven Walden asks (and answers) — "Why an Operational Customer Satisfaction Score Is the Perfect Complement to NPS".

Customer Success consultant, Russell Bourne, looks at how customers might evaluate your performance as a CS function in — "How Will They Know?".

Head of Global Customer Engagement at Citrix, Artem Gurnov, shares — "Effective Questioning for Customer Success Managers — Part 2".

The Techfunnel team dive into two differing ways to measure revenue in — "Annual Contract Value vs Annual Recurring Revenue Explained".

CEO of Orbit, Patrick Woods, looks at — "How to Drive Business Growth by Fostering Your Community".


Everything You Need to Know About Customer Segments / 20th April @ 12 Midday EST
10 different ways you can segment your Customer base. Learn More

How GitLab Scaled Customer Value For Long Tail Customers / 26th April @ 2PM ET
When faced with a high volume of customers, how do you scale your organization’s ability to drive customer adoption. Learn More

SaaS Metrics Summit / 27th April
Make smart decisions with data-driven strategies to drive success. Learn More

CSN Cafe Cambridge / 18th May @ 5.30 BST
Designed for Customer Success Professionals of all levels to meet in person, discuss challenges and share best practices in the industry over drinks. Learn More

The Customer Conference — London / 15th & 16th June
Independent Customer Success event for tech and non-tech companies. Learn More

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