Keep your customers.

Akita helps you reduce churn, identify up‑sell or cross‑sell opportunities and nurture long‑lasting relationships with your customers.

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Successful customers make successful companies.

By helping your Customers achieve their goals you will reduce churn and generate new revenue from your existing clients.

Powerful Integrations

Akita connects with the software your business already uses.

With over 100 one-click SaaS integrations you will be up and running in minutes—not days.

Usage Tracking

Learn how your customers use your product—and take action!

Send usage data from your application to create powerful workflows and health scores.

Katie Cooper...
Created a new project.
2m ago
Noah Wheeler...
Sent a campaign.
4h ago
Lisa Ashton...
Invited a new user.
21h ago
Customer Segmentation
MRR Is More Than > $1000 AND +
Daily Active Users DAU Is Less Than < 10

No two businesses are alike—why are you treating them like they are?

Akita allows you to create powerful Customer segments; enabling you to tailor your Customer Success efforts to each customer's unique requirements.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Streamline your onboarding. Nail your renewals.

With Akita, you can define and measure how well your Customers are proceeding through each stage of the Customer Journey.

Targets 216 / 392 Achieved
Tasks 382 / 588 Achieved
Automated Playbooks
Send a Message: Welcome Email
Template: "Welcome to Help Desk Pros"
Send: 1 days after Playbook begins
Add a Task: Schedule Training Session
Start: 5 days after Playbook begins
Complete: Within 2 days

Automate your Customer Success workflows and free up your time for more high-value tasks.

Trigger pre-defined workflows in response to Customer behavior or attributes. Create tasks and send messages directly from your own mailbox.

Account Health Scoring

Create fully-customized Customer Health Scores that reflect your business.

Akita provides the most powerful Customer Health Scoring in the market giving you at-a-glance information about each customer.

CSM Score: Good
Projects Created > 1
Additional Users Connected
No Tracking Code Installed
No Integrations Connected
Actionable Alerts
Olson Electronics shows upsell potential.
Fit Tonic's sessions down > 10%.
Bresler's Ice Cream is a new NPS Promoter.

When a customer needs attention—you'll know it.

Akita lets you setup unlimited Customer alerts so you can take action when a customer is at risk of churn or ripe for upselling.

Customer Success Inbox

Everything you need to know in one place.

Akita's Customer Success inbox pulls together tasks, notes, emails, NPS™ surveys, help-desk tickets and more so you can streamline your day-to-day workflow from one simple interface.

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Customizable Dashboards
Enterprise Customer Dashboard
$90K $80K $70K $60K Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

All of your key metrics at your fingertips.

Create unlimited dashboards with statistics, charts, and customer lists to provide you with a quick overview of your Accounts.

Slack Logo Slack Assistant

Akita + Slack = 🔥

Akita integrates with everyone's favorite team communication app giving your entire company visibility into the powerful data stored in Akita.

Akita 12:19PM
We found them!
The Jolly Farmer
Customer Since
3rd Jan, 2020
Renewal Date
3rd Jan, 2021
Customer Health Score
30-Day Chart
90-Day Chart
1-Year Chart
30-Day Chart
90-Day Chart
1-Year Chart

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